Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Reading Challenges 2014

Hey guys! I've decided to kick-start my blog by participating in some reading challenges this year. I looked through A Novel Challenge's blog and decided on three challenges I will try this year. They looked really interesting; one of them, the Fangs and Fur challenge, was right up my street as I love Supernatural books anyhow and the other two pushed me out of my comfort zone a little. This is my sign up post for all three, so keep reading for more info!

The first challenge that caught my eye is the Nonfiction challenge. I've never read much nonfiction, but I guess that's going to change this year!

This challenge is hosted on http://www.theintrovertedreader.com/ I believe, and I'm so excited for my first challenge! I'm signing up for the Explorer level (6-10 books), because I'm joining a few other challenges too and I have to study for important exams this summer too, so I think 6-10 is a nice amount especially as reading nonfiction is not my forte and I've never really gotten into it before. Who knows? I might even do more!


The next challenge I'm going to participate in this year in the Fur and Fangs challenge. I love reading Supernatural themed books anyway, so this challenge is kind of perfect for me. The challenge is simply to read books about werewolves, shape-shifting animals or vampires, so I think I can read quite a few this year.

This challenge is hosted on http://novelheartbeat.com/ I believe, and I'm going to set my goal to 15 books for this challenge.

The final challenge I'm going to try this year is the Ireland Reading Challenge, which I think sounds really interesting. I haven't read a lot of Irish authors or Ireland-based books, but I'm always up for new things and it seems like a really cool one to try.

This challenge is hosted on http://booksnyc.blogspot.co.uk/ I believe, and I'm signing up at the Shamrock level (4 books), although if I have the time, I hope I can read more than that.

I'll do an update post for each individual challenge probably every month, and also reviews of the books I read for each challenge. I'm really excited to get stuck into some good books, and I'm also looking forward to pushing myself a little with the nonfiction genre. I might have to go hunting around the library for some Ireland-based books though! Until next time...

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